Educating Girls- Launched Sept. 2020

Madam Tess Girls Academy is a science and leadership school for girls in Sierra Leone.

Training Programs

We offer training in the USA and Sierra Leone

Peace Council (USA)

Helping children explore culture through art music and food. 

The peace council provides a forum for youth from different ethnic, socioeconomic, racial and cultural backgrounds, to explore and learn about cultures other than their own, through art, music, food and interactive games, thereby expanding their view of the world and themselves. Youth are also encouraged to challenge stereotypical thinking and learn to become advocates of tolerance and peace. A multicultural event, which ends the workshop, includes parents’ participation and requires youth to show their ability to adapt and work in multicultural teams. 

Urban Initaitives (USA)

Through a partnership with Philadelphia actor, rapper and singer Lihtz Kamraz we reach into the urban communities of the USA.   Our efforts are designed to give youth a voice in the mainstream related to the issues that are important to them.  

We provide:

  • community give-back days to provide food and school supplies
  • events to give voice to the issues that affect the quality of life in urban communities such as violence, incarceration, and unemployment
  • one-on-one counseling to single moms, ex-offenders, and those working in low wage jobs to assist them to become self-sufficient through entrepreneurship. 

Working with Village Leaders (Sierra Leone)

We help marginal communities bring their voice to the mainstream

Working with villages leaders, we have planned community meetings, organized rallies and helped communities establish grassroots community groups. 


P.E.A.C.E. trained 30 teachers working in villages school in the qualities of being in the helping profession. Classes included time management, helper attributes, goal setting, conflict resolution.

Men's Training Program

Job Readiness and Job Training Programs in Sierra Leone

We are helping men learn new skills through our security apprenticeship program.  They receive on-the-job training and a monthly stipend.  We are also providing income to youth farmers and capacity building training to community leaders.

Sierra Leone International Academy

Founded by a family, the school gives children in Sierra Leone (West Africa) access to quality education in a

safe and fun learning environment

Our Role

Sierra Leone International Academy opened its doors September 13, 2016, in Makeni, Sierra Leone (West Africa). The project was funded by a family of Sierra Leoneans and Americans that believe education is a means to eradicating poverty.   The school uses a combination of best practices and curriculum from Sierra Leone and the United States with a focus on Math, Science, and Technology.


P.E.A.C.E. partners with the school to provide scholarships, capacity-building of staff and supplies. Through the generous support of donors, we are able to ship furniture, medical and school supplies from the United States. 

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