Ways to Give

Give Money to Help Us Do More

Money is the most useful thing you can donate.  This allows us to allocate funds to where they're really needed. We can purchase significantly more items when we purchase them in bulk.  Purchasing from local merchants allows us to increase the livelihood of those in the communities we serve.  


  • Make a one-time donation.  .   
  • Dig a little deeper to make a monthly commitment of $30 or more. Your generosity will help us provide food to families on a weekly basis, provide school supplies to children in the USA and Sierra Leone, and ship essential supplies we need to continue to serve the most vulnerable.  

Join the Sierra Leone Supporters Network             



As a member of the Sierra Leone Supporters Network, you'll commit to making a significant contribution to make a bigger impact.  Your generous contribution allows us to spend, 

  • $175 to help meet the basic needs of an orphan (shoes, clothing, medical exams, and school supplies)
  • $250 to help a young woman start a small business or a young man receive job training
  • $500 to support our weekly feeding for a month
  • $1,000 to feed a small village (about 400 people)
  • $1,750 to send 10 children to our private school partner (Sierra Leone International Academy)
  • $2,000 will finish one classroom for 25 children (doors, windows, floors, and learning aids)

Help Us Fight Hunger.  It only takes $1 per day. 


June through August is considered the hunger season in Sierra Leone.  It's the rainy season.  Storms are constant and work is limited.  During this period families struggle to eat one meal.           

With your monthly donation of $30, you'll help us feed a family of four for one week!. Think about it, for as little as $1 per day.  You can make sure a family doesn't go to bed hunger. 

Product Donations

We would love to accept donations year-round because the needs of the people we serve are so great.  However, the high cost of storage and shipping supplies limits us to an annual collection period.  Join our mailing to be notified of our next donation collection period.


At times throughout the year, we may work on specific donation collections through our mailing list or crowdfunding.


Current Collection Items:  We are seeking new or gently solar lamps, flashlights, summer clothing, sandals, sneakers, work boots and school supplies (crayons, safety scissors, markers, coloring books, science kits, etc.)




Our team is made up entirely of volunteers.  Volunteers help us make a difference on two continents!


That is why we are especially happy to find new volunteers who share our commitment to doing good in the world. Do you want to support us by helping with our work? 


You can volunteer in the United States or in Africa.  We'll develop a plan that suits your needs. Contact us today. 


We welcome volunteers with all levels of skill and expertise at any time.  However, we have an immediate need for those with experience in:


  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing an
  • Graphic Design
  • Grant and Research Development
  • Educators (both those interested in coming to Sierra Leone or working remotely)
  • Strategic planning
  • Agricultural project planning
  • Donation sorting and shipping
  • Creative Arts (music and/or art)

Visit Us - We'll Help You Plan the Trip

Want to volunteer in person or plan a trip for your ministry, contact us today.  We'll help you plan the entire experience from travel documents, to choosing resorts or a guest house to hosting a conference or crusade.  


There's something amazing for you to do with us in Sierra Leone. 


Please contact us. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our organization as soon as possible!

Make a Donation Today?

Sierra Leone FACTS

  • Most Sierra Leoneans live on less than $1 per day.
  • Children entering grade 1 dropout before grade 6 because of lack of money.
  • Life Expectncny is 49


  • 1 and 6 people face hunger
  • In 2015, 1 in 8 households lived in poverty. 

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